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Coaching Path Options

Margaret Evans, Certified Enneagram Coach





I just want to know my Type.

This option is for those who are curious about the Enneagram, want to know their Type, and want to learn something about themself.

Before our first session, you will be asked to take the Enneagram Compass assessment.


When we meet, I will interview you, asking questions regarding how you see yourself and make sense of the world. The 60-minute conversation will give us time to identify your Type and the strengths and growth areas for your Type. It will be your choice whether or not to continue with coaching.


Investment is $135 for the 60-minute session and $45 for the Enneagram Compass Assessment, which is due before we meet so that you can have the assessment results for our first session.

The Coaching Path for Transformation

This option is for those who are ready to do the work in their area of focus:

         *Personality Understanding

         *Relationship Insights

         *Vocational Leadership


During our five (5) Coaching Sessions, we will focus on:


Diving into your comprehensive Enneagram Compass Report to ensure you have found your Type.

Learning about your Type, Instincts, Subtype, Passions, and Virtues and why they are important to you. 

Exploring your Type's blind spots, triggers, and reactive behaviors. Life-changing insights happen here. 


Understanding and engaging your three Centers of Intelligence: Head Center, Heart Center, and Body Center. You have so much wisdom to draw upon.


Accessing your Arrows and Wings to employ skills you did not know you had.


Bringing balance to your three Instincts: Social, Self Preservation, and One-to-One to help you in your decision-making.

Choose the path that is right for you.

How we do the work:


Our sessions are 60 minutes long. Yes, Ted Lasso - 60 minutes long. You can schedule them with the frequency that works best for you. Usually, we start with every two weeks and then spread them out in whatever way works for you as your self-awareness and insight increase.


Between sessions, I will give you self-awareness practices to engage in during your daily life. We will discuss what you learned, what is challenging, and anything else that comes up. Your increased self-awareness will enable you to experience yourself and your relationships with expanded capacity and clarity.

What you can expect from our work together:


      A compassionate understanding of yourself and the other in relationship work.


      Self-awareness of your blind spots and triggers.


      Effective new ways of engaging with personalities and situations that are problematic. 


      Appreciation of what you bring to the world. 


      Increased balance to pursue a direction that feels aligned with your true self.


      Awakening to your authentic being.

Investment for Individuals

$45 to take the required Enneagram Compass Report. Payment is due before the assessment can be given. 


Five (5) Coaching Sessions at $125 each, totaling $625. Full payment is due after the first session or two payments after the first and third sessions.

Self-awareness work is required between sessions. 

It is your choice if you want to continue coaching sessions past the five sessions. Future coaching sessions will be at the same $125 session rate. 


Or pay per session 

$45 for the required Enneagram Compass Report assessment. Payment is due before the assessment can be given.


The per-session rate is $140. Payment is due after each session.

Premarital or Couples Work

$45 for each person to take the required Enneagram Compass Report.

Payment is due before the assessment can be given.

Coaching Sessions @ $150 each. Payment is due after each session.

Self-awareness work is required between sessions. 

Sliding scale fees are available.


I am convinced that the way to better ourselves and the state of the world is through compassionate self-awareness.


If the fees are an obstacle for you, we agree we are a good fit, and you are committed to doing the work; we can

work out a sustainable fee arrangement.



Introduction to the Enneagram: Group Format

Introduction to the Enneagram Group
"The group was fun, supportive, and organized in a helpful and informative way."

Type 6

"Loved being in a small group. You were able to build trust
between us easily and I felt comfortable sharing."

Type 1

“The weekly meeting provided a sense of commitment and openness that was conducive to learning with sensitivity to the other participants' insights and challenges."

Type 9

Enneagram Coach Margaret Evans

Did I mention, I love to laugh?

This is me trying to make a connection with a Highland cow.

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