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The Coaching Path to Self-Awareness






I just want to know my Type

I get it. You have been hearing about the Enneagram, and you want to know your type to discover firsthand what the talk is all about and maybe learn something about yourself.

Before our first session, you will be asked to take the Enneagram Compass assessment.


When we meet, I will interview you, asking questions regarding how you see yourself and make sense of the world. The conversation could last 60-90 minutes until we both feel as confident as possible regarding your type. It will be your choice whether or not to continue with coaching.


Investment $180 includes the cost of the Enneagram Compass Assessment ($45) and is due before the first session.

Building Self-Awareness Coaching Package


During our seven (7) Coaching Sessions, we will focus on:


Identifying your type. 

         Before our first session, you will be asked to take the Enneagram Compass assessment.

         When we meet, we will dive into your comprehensive Compass Report.

         The interviewing process will continue until you and I are confident that you have identified your type.


Engaging in an in-depth conversation to better understand which focus areas you want to work on in coaching.


         *Personality Awareness

         *Relationship Understanding

         *Vocational Leadership

Learning about your Type, Instincts, Subtype, Passions, and Virtues and why they are significantly important to you. 

Exploring your Type's blind spots, triggers, and reactive behaviors. Life-changing insights happen here. 


Understanding and engaging your three Centers of Intelligence: Head Center, Heart Center, and Body Center. You have so much wisdom to draw upon.


Accessing your Arrows and Wings to employ skills you did not know you had.


Bringing balance to your three Instincts Social, Self Preservation, and One to One to help you in your decision-making and finding presence.

Choose the path that is right for you.

How we do the work:


Our sessions are 60 minutes long. Yes, Ted Lasso - 60 minutes long. You can schedule them with the frequency that works best for you. Usually, we start with every two weeks and then spread them out in whatever way works for you as your self-awareness and insight increase.


Between sessions, I will give you self-awareness practices to engage in during your daily life. We will discuss what you learned, what is challenging, and anything else that comes up. Your increased self-awareness will enable you to experience yourself and your relationships with expanded capacity and clarity.


In between sessions, I will send additional resources: an article, poem, insight, or something to reflect upon and encourage you as you are engaging in your self-awareness practices.


What you can expect from our work together:


      A compassionate understanding of yourself.


      Self-awareness of your blind spots and triggers.


      Effective new ways of engaging with personalities and situations that are problematic. 


      Appreciation of what you bring to the world. 


      Increased balance to pursue a direction that feels aligned with your true self.


      Awakening to your authentic being.


Building Self-Awareness Coaching Package 

Seven (7) Session Self Awareness Coaching Package includes your comprehensive Compass Report from Chestnut Paes Sullivan.

$45 to take the required Enneagram Compass Report. Payment due before the assessment can be given. 

Seven (7) Coaching Sessions @$120 each, totaling $840. Payment is due after the first session, or three payments of $280 after the first, third, and fifth sessions can be arranged.


Or pay per session 

$45 for the required Enneagram Compass Report assessment. Payment is due before the assessment can be given.


The per-session rate is $135. Payment is due after each session.

Sliding scale fees are available.


I am convinced that the way to better ourselves and the state of the world is through compassionate self-awareness.


If the fees are an obstacle for you, we agree we are a good fit and you are committed to doing the work; we can

work out a sustainable fee arrangement.




Did I mention, I love to laugh?

This is me trying to make a connection with a Highland cow.

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