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            Personality Understanding

Enneagram wisdom teaches that we were born with distinctive personalities, as you may have observed when you see the difference in children born to the same parents. As children, we are resilient and clever. Our personalities help us "survive" childhood by using different coping strategies to navigate the awkward, confusing, and sometimes traumatic childhood years. These skills become so ingrained that we keep using them into adulthood even though our situation and relationships have changed and the coping strategies no longer work or are required for survival. This is how we can lose ourselves and get off track. 

The Enneagram helps us become self-aware of our coping strategies and reveals how they impact our lives. Once we identify our triggers and our reactive coping strategies, we can find the space to determine what we need to do to live as our authentic adult self vs. our child-like self, including:  


     Develop our forgotten strengths, interests, and talents that help us thrive.

     Understand what drives us, makes us feel secure, and what we long for.

     Discern what holds us back, our blind spots, triggers, and reactive behaviors.

     Learn to more effectively know and communicate our feelings, wants, and needs.

     Reflect on how we use our energy both positively and negatively.

     Discover how we want to be seen and determine if it is authentic.


A better understanding of ourselves is a gift to ourselves and others. It is a fascinating, challenging, and transformative journey. 


I would be honored to be your guide to encourage the discovery of you that feels authentic and alive.

Build self-awareness through the wisdom of the Enneagram with Ennea Insights.
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