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         Relationship Insights


Relationships can be confusing and complicated. As we grow, we recognize that others do not think like us, feel the way we do, or act in a way that seems natural to us. Are they wrong? Are we crazy? How do we understand our different behaviors and find ways to work and live together?


The Enneagram helps us to understand the many lenses people use to experience the world.

We all have three Centers of Intelligence: Head Center, Heart Center, and Body Center, but we spend more time in one.


We all have three instincts:  Social, Self Preservation, and One-to-One; in each of us, one is dominant, and one is repressed.

When we combine our dominant Center of Intelligence, our dominant Instinct, and our Enneagram Type, misunderstanding and conflict often arise due to many different ways of seeing the world.

Work, family, and intimate relationships require self-awareness to seek common ground. The Enneagram can help open the mind, heart, and body to find the courage to take the essential steps toward relating authentically and compassionately.

We can work together individually or in premarital or couples coaching, or maybe you are trying to understand the dynamics at work. Whatever you are ready for and open to is the path to take. The journey will be revealing and rewarding.

It would be a privilege to help you better understand yourself and your relationships. By having the courage to explore, learn, and grow, you will receive insights into becoming more authentic, honest, compassionate, and effective in your relationships



Building self-awareness regarding your personality in relationships.
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